Video Surveillance For Multi-Family Units


Your Apartment Complex... a place where many people live and count on you to keep them safe.  Even though many of today's multi-family units have done a good job of securing their facilities, but there is far more they can do to secure their living units, parking amenities, recreational amenities, laundry amenities, family amenities, and other common areas.  Take their safety and your complex's security to the next level with a video surveillance system. Installing security cameras reduces criminal activity, increases everyone’s sense of security, and gives a visual record.

What Can A Video Surveillance System Do For You?

Implementation of a Video Surveillance System will:

  • Deter violent and nonviolent crimes from taking place
    • Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Vandalism, Sexual Assault
  • Give you a visual record of who is gaining access to your building
    • Ideal to use in conjunction with an access control system
  • View isolated areas of your building
    • Remote doors, hallways, and storage areas
  • Monitor bustling area of your building
    • Be aware of Tenants, Employees, and Vendors
  • Aide in emergency situations and evacuations
    • Keep everyone is safe at all times
  • Give Tenants, Employees, and Vendors, peace of mind
    • Knowing they and their surroundings are safe and monitored

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