Fire Protection For Schools


Your School... a place where everyone, Students, Teachers, and Staff, should feel safe.  Teachers want to teach, students want to learn, and staff want to support the operation, unimpeded by external threats or concerns.  Add to your peace of mind with a fire prevention system and make your school a fire safe place for our children.  School fire tragedies and disasters can be prevented if proper fire safety measures are in place.   School fire prevention is important for the simple reason that a lot of kids are gathered at one spot and a single fire can affect all of them.  

What can Fire Protection do for you?

Implementation of a fire protection system will: 

  • Will prevent your school and children from being a statistic
    • An estimated 4,000 school building fires were reported by United States fire departments each year.
      • They caused an estimated 75 injuries and $66.1 million in property loss.
    • There was a general increase in school building fires toward the beginning and end of the academic year.
    • The three leading causes of school building fires were:
      • cooking (42 percent)
      • intentional action (24 percent)
      • heating (10 percent)
    • At 41 percent, intentional action was the leading cause of non-confined school building fires.
    • The leading area of fire origin in non-confined school building fires was the bathroom at 25 percent.
    • In 75 percent of school building fires, the fire spread was limited to the object of origin.
    • Smoke alarms were reported as present in 66 percent of non-confined school building fires. 

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