Automation For Schools


Your School... a place where your children spend a lot of their time.  School Administrators have enough on their minds when it comes to providing the best educational experience possible with very little money.  It is important to find every dime available in put back into our children.  

What Automation Can Do For You?

  • Implementation of automation will:
  • Save money on heating, cooling, and lighting
    • The average school wastes 20% of their lighting budget and wastes 30% of their overall energy budget
  • With the savings:
    • Hire more teachers
    • Purchase more computers
    • Buy more textbooks
  • Make a positive impact
    • Using less energy has a positive affect on our planet
  • Creates a comfortable and better environment for learning
  •  Monitor and make changes from anywhere
    • If you have a device and an Internet connection, you can monitor and make adjustments as needed
  • Increase Security
    • Combine with Access Control, Camera Surveillance, Fire, and Intrusion Detection, to maximize your ability to monitor, predict, and react, to your ever changing environment
    • Receive alerts wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reduce Stress
    • Gain peace of mind knowing you are always aware of what is going on even though you are not there
    • Know early when something is failing so it can be fixed before it goes down thus saving money

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