Your School... a place where everyone, Students, Teachers, and Staff, should feel safe.  Teachers want to teach, students want to learn, and staff want to support the operation, unimpeded by external threats or concerns. Even though many of today's schools have done a good job of securing the exterior doors of their facilities, there is far more schools can do to secure their classrooms and hallways. Relying on lock-and-key to secure a facility is obsolete.  An Access Control System will not only increase a school’s level of security, it is easy to manage, and will yield budgetary savings overtime.  

What Can Access Control Do For You?

 Implementation of an Access Control System will:

  • Simplify building and room access for your teachers and staff
    • Eliminates the need for multiple keys
  • Create a centralized monitoring and management system
    • Reduces incident response time
  • Integrate with surveillance cameras creating an additional level of security
    • Provides a visual record of the traffic in your building
  • Allows you to lock a door or lock-down the entire school with just the press of a button
    • Instantly secure your environment without risking staff
  • Pinpoint the source of an issue
    • Offering a faster resolution
  • Provide detailed reports illustrating your system’s activity
    • Know who, what, when, and where

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